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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/AARP Across the States_2018 LTC Discussion Group Presentation_9.4.18_FINAL_v.3.pdf

JULY 17, 2018
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Germany's LTC Social Insurance 7-18.pdf

JUNE 20 2018
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/CAPABLE Leading Age 6.20.18.pdf

MAY 22, 2018
Social Isolation
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Isolation 101 LTC DG May 2018.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Slides for Social Isolation Solutions Forum.pdf

APRIL 26, 2018
A New Public-Private Partnership:
Catastrophic Public and Front-End Private LTC Insurance
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Presentation to LTC Discussion Group 4-12-2018.pdf


MARCH 28 2018
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/LTC Discussion Group Presentation_Tax Reform_03-26-2018 .pdf

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/FEBRUARY 2018 LTCDG C-TAC.pdf

JANUARY 17, 2018


DECEMBER 12 2017


NOVEMBER 9, 2017

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/NOV 2017 PACE LTC DG part I.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/NOV 2017 PACE LTC DG part II.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/NOV 2017 PACE LTC DG part II.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/NOV 2017 PACE LTC DG part I.pdf


OCTOBER 24, 2017
How Raising the Minimum Wage would Affect ALF and CCC Providers and Workers
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Minimum Wage LTC Discussion Group 10242017.pdf


JULY 2017

JUNE 2017

MAY 25, 2017
Minnesota Efforts to Reform LTC Financing
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/LTC DG 5-25-17 V3.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Consumer View of MN options revised 5-25-17.pdf

APRIL 24, 2017
Of Block Grants & Waivers: What Medicaid Changes COuld mean for LTSS

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/APRIL 24 2017.pptx

MARCH 2017

FEBRUARY 22, 2017
Improving the System of FInancing LTSS for Older Americans
February 22, 2017 at 2 pm

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Long-Term Care Presentation MJW February 2017.pptx

JANUARY 30, 2017
Managed Care Can Support Family Caregivers

January 30, 2017 at 1 pm
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/LTC Discussion Group - Wendy Fox-Grage.pptx

Managed Care Can Support Family Caregivers January 30 2017 Part II
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Family Caregivers-centene 1-26-17.pptx

New President and Congress

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/LTSS Presentation at AHIP December 2016.pptx


Claimant experience study

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Experience and Satisfaction Levels of LTCI Claimants 10-26-2016.pdf

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

The LTC Ombudsman Program and the Changing Landscape of LTSS
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/9-27-16LTC Discission Group September 2016 FINAL.pdf
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/9-28-16NORC_LTC discussion group presentation (3).pdf

JULY 27, 2016
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Tumlinson MHA (1) july 27 2016.ppt

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/daughterhood HD (1).mp4

JUNE 16, 2016
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Drinker Biddle Presentation 6-16-16.pptx


MAY 24, 2016

APRIL 14 2016
https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/ABLE presentation revised-4.13.2016.pdf

DECEMBER 17, 2015

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/Johnson presentation 12-18-15.pdf

November 18 2015:  Putting it all Together: Report on the SOA LTC Think Tank

https://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/248458/November 18 2015 Putting it All Together.pptx

The list below shows the previous Long Term Care Discussion Group meetings. By clicking on the speaker's name(s) you can retrieve the Save the Date notice with information about the topic and the presenter. By clicking on the bulleted items, you can obtain a copy of any materials that were presented or distributed at or following the meeting.

October 8, 2015
New Insights on Life-LTC Combination Products
Doug Burkle

July 23, 2015
Improving Care and Quality of Living Near the End of Life

Judith Peres and Marvin Figueroa

June 24, 2015
Long Term Care and Retirement

Anna Rappaport and Karl Polzer

May 5, 2015
Bringing Impaired Annuity Care Plans Across the Pond – About the UK Model and Its Application in the US
Vince Bodnar

April 27, 2015
Public Perceptions of Dementia Care and the Needs of Those Living with Dementia
Chris Perna & Karen Love

March 26, 2015
Home Equity: A Strategic Resource for Long-Term Services and Supports
Barbara Stucki, Ph.D.

February 24, 2015
The National Study of Long-Term Care Providers: A New Resource to Support Research, Policy and Practice
Lauren Harris-Kojetin, Ph.D., & Eunice Park-Lee, Ph.D.


December 11, 2014
The 2015 White House Conference on Aging
Nora Super

November 6, 2014
Long Term Care Financing Reform in Minnesota

Loren Colman

October 30, 2014
Long-Term Services and Supports and the National Plan To Address Alzheimer's Disease
Rohini Khillan

September 23, 2014
Long Term Care Benefits May Reduce End-of-Life Medical Care Costs

Stephen Holland

July 17, 2014
“The SCAN Foundation’s New Strategic Framework And Options for Financing Long-Term Care"
Gretchen Alkema

June 25, 2014
“MediCaring” - Enabling Frail Elders to Live Meaningfully and Comfortably at a Sustainable Cost
Joanne Lynn

May 21, 2014
Land This Plane: A Delphi Research Study of Long Term Care Financing Solutions  
John O’Leary 

May 8, 2014
Regulating an Evolving Long-Term Care Insurance Market
Scott Kipper

April 16, 2014
Supporting Employee Caregivers: Good Practice and Good Business
Melissa Gong Mitchell

March 5, 2014
Can Participant-Directed Services Work in a Managed Care World?
Kevin Mahoney, Ph.D., and Suzanne Crisp 

February 27, 2014
The Impact of Fair Labor Standards Act-Final Rule on Long-Term Care Workers
Michael Hancock

January 23, 2014
Access to Medicare Nursing Home Benefits: What’s Been Happening and What May Be Next? 
Toby Edelman

December 4, 2013
Development and Implementation of a No Wrong Door System for Accessing Long Term Services and Supports
Joseph Lugo

November 6, 2013
Standardizing Assessment Data: Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Item Set
Barbara Gage, PhD and Stella Mandl, BSW,BSN,PHN,RN

September 24, 2013
Long Term Care Insurance Litigation: The Recent Surge and Implications
Stephen A. Serfass, Esq. and Michael D. Rafalko, Esq.

July 16, 2013
Implications of Transitions to Medicaid for Long-Term Care Financing Reform
Josh Wiener

June 13, 2013 
Long Term Care in the 113th Congress
Oliver Kim and Joel Eskovitz

May 23, 2013
Questions for the New Federal Commission on Long-Term Care
Mark J. Warshawsky, Ph.D.

April 18, 2013
Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care
Susan C. Reinhard

February, 19, 2013
Trends in Health Care Organization and Payment: ACOs, Medical Homes, Shared Savings, and Bundling
Robert Berenson, MD

January 31, 2013
Medicare “Improvement Standard”
Roshunda Drummond-Dye, JD

December 11, 2012
Long Term Care Insurance: Uncertainty today - What’s in store for tomorrow?
John O’Leary

November 13, 2012
Results of the 2012 National Election: Implications for Long Term Care
Bob Blancato and Randy Hardock

September 27, 2012
Awareness Campaigns: Long Term Care and Alzheimer’s Disease
Hunter McKay
  July 17, 2012
Using Creative Expression to Enable Healthy Aging
Gay Powell Hanna, Ph.D., M.F.A.

June 14, 2012
Home Equity as a Financial Resource for Aging in Community
Barb Stucki, Ph.D.

May 24, 2012
Improving Quality: The Long-Term Quality Alliance’s Agenda
Doug Pace

April 26, 2012
The First Decade: The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program,  2002-2012
Paul Forte

March 15, 2012
Who Buys Long-Term Care Insurance?
Susan Coronel

February 23, 2012
National Surveys of Long Term Care Providers:Recent Findings and Plans for the Future
Lauren Harris-Kojetin, PhD and Emily Rosenoff, MP

January 10, 2012
Aging in Place and the Role of Technology
Laurie Orlov

December 14, 2011
Home Design for Aging in Place – History and State of the Art of Universal Design
Al Graf

November 15, 2011
Why Medicare Should Take the Lead on Dual Eligibles –and Long Term Care Should Be Part of the Equation
Judy Feder, Ph.D.

October 19, 2011
How to Save Medicaid LTC $30 Billion per Year and Improve the Program
Stephen A. Moses

       •  Save Medicaid LTC $30 Billion Per Year AND Improve the Program

September 27, 2011
Long Term Care in the Netherlands: Current Programs and Imminent Policy Debates
Peter Bootsma, MD, & Howard Gleckman

July 28, 2011
State Fiscal Trends:  What They Mean for Long Term Care and Medicaid
Matt Salo

June 21, 2011
Money Follows the Person: Progress, Challenges, and Future Prospects
Debra Lipson

May 24, 2011
MyWay MyLife - Promoting an Enriched and Meaningful Way of Living For Older Persons
Claudia S. Blumenstock & Renee Pruzansky

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